Character Information
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Family Sarmoti (ex-boyfriend)
Age Unknown
Production Information
Jennifer Coolidge

"I love kids!"

Tracy is a character in Father of the Pride. She only appeared in "And the Revolution Continues," in which she dated Sarmoti and bonded with Hunter.


Tracy is a woman who dated Sarmoti for some time before she realized he did not want to compromise and tried to break up with and leave him until he fabricated a story of Larry and Kate abandoning Hunter and that Sarmoti had started to raise him ever since. Tracy believes him and decides to stay with him and not pressure him for compromise since she loves children and thinks that Sarmoti does care for other people after all.

A few days after that, Hunter, Sarmoti, and Tracy return to the Watering Hole, where Kate, who was casually walking by, sees Tracy with Hunter sitting her lap and confronts her about it, when Tracy learns that Kate is Hunter's mother. Thinking she is guilty of abandoning Hunter, she proceeds to insult her as Sarmoti discreetly flees.

It is unknown what happened to Tracy afterwards, though it can be assumed she broke up with Sarmoti after learning the truth.


Tracy is friendly, caring, giving, thoughtful, and unafraid to speak her mind.

She can also be somewhat of an air-head, such as when Sarmoti told her he is called "Good Luck Charlie" and a surprised Tracy says she thought his name was Sarmoti. When realizing Tracy's ignorant nature, he begins to use this to his advantage.


Tracy is a slender, yet curvy, lioness with light brown fur with white around the feet and a light pink / red nose. She has hazel eyes.

At one point, Tracy was wearing a necklace with a purple crystal on it.



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