Tiger Twins
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Tiger
Family Blake (father)
Victoria (mother)
Age 9
Production Information
Avrielle Corti
Jacqueline Emerson

The Tiger Twins are minor antagonists in Father of the Pride. They are Blake and Victoria's daughters who only appear in "Donkey."


The Tiger Twins are bullies as they commonly tease Hunter throughout the episode. They constantly brag about their parents knowing famous animals and act superior to their classmates because of it.

The twins become jealous of Hunter after thinking his father knows Donkey and after they discover the truth, they continue to tease Hunter, telling him that his father is full of it. In retaliation, Hunter says his father would not lie. However, in the end, the real Donkey enters and they are last seen cheering with the other students.

The Tiger Twins are never seen again afterwards.


The Tiger Twins are shown to be mean, rude, bratty, and rotten children. They frequently abuse and bully Hunter, calling him "Conehead" most of the time.

They are shown to be spoiled by their parents and are constantly bragging about their parents' wealth and knowing celebrities. They both do not seem very smart, but they can be when it comes to getting their way. Although, despite having very similar personalities, the second tiger twin (the one with greener eyes) appears to be smarter than her blue-eyed sister and seems to be the leader of the pair.

Not much is known about the pair due to their brief appearance in the series.


The Tiger Twins look similar to their mother Victoria. They both have white fur, white underbellies, black stripes, pink noses and paw pads, and blue-green eyes. However, the first twin has bluer eyes and the second tiger twin (seemingly the leader of the pair) has greener eyes.

Unlike the majority of the cats in the series, neither of them have whiskers.


  • The first tiger twin (the tiger twin with blue eyes) was voiced by 9-year-old Avrielle Corti and the second tiger twin (the tiger twin with green eyes) was voiced by 9-year-old Jacqueline Emmerson.
  • They are both in 3rd grade.
  • They are also enemies with Sierra.
  • Excluding Hunter, they are the only children whose voice actors are known. All of the other children's voice actors are a mystery.