Sarmoti Moves In
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date December 28, 2004
Behind the Scenes
Writer(s): Cheryl Holliday
Mark Risley
Episode Chronology
"Original Pilot"
"Catnip and Trust"

"Sarmoti Moves In" is the 2nd episode of Father of the Pride, directed by Mark Risley and written by Cheryl Holliday.


Sarmoti is moving into Larry and Kate's place and he brings his stuffed zebra from Africa. After a while, they both get annoyed and frustrated with his behavior. Finally, Kate snaps and tears up Sarmoti's zebra rug without thinking in a rage. When she realizes what she has done, she and Larry immediately go to the Watering Hole to find a new zebra, in which they encounter a zebra named Kevin. Meanwhile, Snack throws a party at Chutney's place and he finds out and wants Snack to pay for the damages. When he finds a camera, Snack makes a behind the scenes movie of Las Vegas in order to make money. Larry and Kate invite the zebra back to their place, but they could not go through with Larry's plan of killing him. In the end, the plan fails, though Kate reconciles with Sarmoti after having a heart-to-heart talk with him.

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"If I wasn't white, I'd be dancin'!"
"Awesome! Am I the only one turned on by this? (Kate looks at him angrily) Yes I am."
―Larry after Kate has torn up Sarmoti's zebra rug[src]




Father Of The Pride - Epiosode 10 Sarmoti Moves In

Father Of The Pride - Epiosode 10 Sarmoti Moves In


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