Roy Horn
Father of the Pride Roy
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Unnamed father
Unknown mother
Unnamed grandfather
Unknown grandmother
Age Unknown
Production Information
David Herman
"Magic, you fickle bitch."

Roy Horn is a character in Father of the Pride. He is Siegfried's best friend and one of the performers.


Roy is based on the real life performer of the same name.


Roy is more level-headed, kind, caring, brave, generous, humorous, thoughtful, and friendly than Siegfried. He and Siegfried tend to fight and argue frequently, but still love and respect each other.

Roy has more reasonable and understanding traits than Siegfried, who is usually more quick to judge.

However, Roy is known to have a grudge on his father as he explained his troubles with him to Kelsey Grammer in "Stage Fright." At the end of the episode, Grammer manages to help Roy discuss his past, though he still holds a bit of a grudge towards his father.


Roy has brown hair and eyes.