Father of the Pride Roger
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Orangutan
Family Unknown
Age Unknown
Production Information
Brian Stepanek
"Then I guess I should never try anything!"

Roger is a character in Father of the Pride. He is one of Larry's best friends.


Roger is one of Larry's best friends.


Though friendly, funny, and pleasant by nature, Roger can often be impatient, irritable, and grouchy (especially when he gets offended).

Roger usually feels left out and takes it rather hard when he is rejected.

He has something of a short temper as he gets angry easily many times, being happy and cheerful one moment and then angry and disgruntled when he gets offended.


Roger is a slender orangutan. He has brown eyes.


  • Roger is a local at the Watering Hole.
  • Roger has a terrible singing voice as in the Original Pilot, he was hit with a chair by Eric when singing Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" at the Watering Hole.
  • He was once rumored to be voiced by Greg Cipes. This is not true at all as Cipes had voiced another orangutan character (in "Catnip and Trust").