Father of the Pride Emerson
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Lobster
Family Unknown
Age Unknown
Production Information
Danny DeVito
"Sierra, don't forget: He is still the enemy!"

Emerson is a character in Father of the Pride. He only appeared in "And the Revolution Continues", in which he is the hidden main antagonist. He is Sierra's arch-nemesis and former best friend.


Emerson is a lobster whom Sierra befriends, only for her to eventually realize his true nature and abandon him.


Originally, Emerson was rather kind and decent to Sierra, but is very mean, selfish, and uncaring to Larry, such as when he called him an idiot and cut the television wire.

Like Sierra, Emerson is a left-wing activist. Unlike Sierra, he only liked the way she thought and began using her, trying to eventually turn her against her own father.

Once Sierra discovers his true colors, she immediately ends her friendship with him and throws him down a drain.


Emerson is a red lobster. He has brown eyes.


  • Emerson is not necessarily evil, but rather more of a selfish jerk.